Shooting mutants and explosions from zenith perspective



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Subvein is a multiplayer action game in which, from a zenith perspective, you have to fight other players from all over the world in closed scenarios.

What sets Subvein apart from other similar titles is that you control mutants. This means that besides using all kinds of weapons (shotguns, machine-guns, handguns, knives, etc.) you can also use special powers.

To access these abilities, which let you, for instance, create a protective barrier around your character, you have to gain experience by killing many enemies.

In Subvein, you not only use weapons and mutant abilities, you can also access many different vehicles to move faster through the scenario. That said, you first have to buy them with the money you get every time you complete missions and objectives.

Subvein is a really fun multiplayer game that offers a lot more than it might seem at first sight. Naturally, it's a lot more than just a clone of Counter Strike 2D.
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